I’m Chris Moss, A Sculptor Based In Yorkshire.

freelance writer 05 - chris moss wire sculpture

A practice that began on the kitchen table has progressed by stages to a studio overlooking a wild garden running down to the River Swale in North Yorkshire. I’m very fortunate to see wildlife in some form every day, whether resident garden birds, raptors quartering the fields, voles among the plant pots or a fleeting glimpse of otter.

Growing up an animal-obsessed child I watched and drew them from life, photographs and imagination. Careful study and time spent in observation is rarely wasted, information gained this way brings an understanding of physiognomy which in turn results in a more authentic portrayal of a subject’s posture and movement.

I first used wire as an armature or supporting element for other forms of sculpture but the possibilities of it as a medium in its own right was soon apparent. I began to combine wire with layers of mesh and found or recycled elements like biscuit tins and aluminium cans. Later, when making my own garden I created sculpture with a scale and presence to complement the setting.

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